Sunday, April 1, 2012

A key tip for any guy!

So for my first blog I figured I would write a page I'm sure you have all heard before but still remains true about how to attract women! 
Guys I know you have hear it all before but I am just starting out so give me a break =P
Seriously if you want to stop running after women and would rather get adored by women then working on yourself is the answer. Ultimately this is what every piece of dating advice points towards. Think about it.
A piece of good dating advice worth mentioning is to not be so overly needy towards the woman you are interested in. Focus on developing yourself then you will not feel needy towards her because you have your own life to live. This all comes naturally.
Another dating tip worth looking into read on a ton of PUA websites and be confident while doing so. When you look on improving your own body instead of than obsessing over women you will accomplish your goals. This will lead you to being more confident naturally.
Many many guys out there focus on chasing women to the point when they forget to focus on themselves. If you want to get women interested in you then work on yourself. Do something, anything.
  • Get in shape.
  • Learn an instrument.
  • Get a better paying job.
  • Heck you can even try doing all the above.
This does not seem like a big breakthrough for attracting women but it is. The first time I finally came to this conclusion after years of chasing women I felt like I found the holy grail of dating and attracting beautiful women.
Women are interested in guys who have personality, work hard, are passionate about they do, are good lovers, have money, and look good. I know you may read online that looks and money don’t matter but having those things does make it a little easier to attract women. It builds self esteem and that is another big trait women find attractive in a man.
These are the reasons why women are interested in guys who are rich and famous. They tend to have a lot going for them. Now chances are you and I will not become big movie stars or rockstars.
But we can still develop ourselves so that we are more desirable to women. If you want to get good at talking and flirting with women then you should obviously improve your social life. But that should only be a part of it.
Go out and meet women. Talk to them but expect no outcome. Just enjoy them and their company. At some point you should learn how to flirt with them and create sexual tension. But for right now improve thyself and the women will follow.


  1. We all love to keep fit... We all love to dress up... We all love to be rejected! :(

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  3. I removed comment above due to typo^... I can't stand typos....

    But I digress - great advice but it is easier said then done

  4. I really enjoy reading this thank you

  5. Self-improvement's the only real way, way to say it like it is.

  6. I have no determination, or I would.. :}

  7. want to get in shape :?

    nice blog man! following!